Sponsoring & "The future lies with the youth."

DANQUINSA GmbH is today a sponsor above all of the soccer and youth soccer teams of the VFL Dettenhausen.

Even divers junior and active tennis clubs have been supported in the past by DANQUINSA GmbH.

But in general the sponsoring at all sporting activities is served for the youth support. An important aim of DANQUINSA GmbH was above all to support the trainer teams at their work with youth.

It is important that the young people gets active leisure time facilities and that they feel comfortable within the youth soccer teams.

After all the future is in the hands of the Youth. They make an important contribution to building up later active players for the first and second soccer team.

Youth Soccer Camp 2018

VFL Football Department, published in local press:

A great marketing campaign for football and a wonderful interaction of participants, trainers and helpers who were able to experience a wonderful event.

On Sunday, the 16.09.2018 another highlight followed in addition to the camp of SV football school for the "little ones" with the VfL Danquinsa GmbH Youth Football Camp in the afternoon. Again, we recorded an incredible number of children aged 3-7 years. For a few hours, 30 kids enjoyed football, games and fun with our youth trainers who set up a great program. Many thanks also for the great support to Peter Daniel from the company Danquinsa GmbH, who made this camp possible for free with a donation.

On these two days there were only winners in the camps among the 90 children.

24-Hour-Run 2017 in Dettenhausen

In this year's 24-hour race, 3 running teams have started for the VFL-DANQUINSA GmbH-Youth Soccer Camp. The running performance was almost 300km!

DANQUINSA GmbH would like to thank all runners of the three teams who have started for the VFL-DANQUINSA GmbH-Youth Soccer Camp. All three teams have done this remarkable performance together!

The proceeds for this mileage will be invested in the VFL-DANQUINSA GmbH - Youth Soccer Camp.

Youth Soccer Camp 2014

After the planned trip to ourfriendly team of soccer Tab, Hungary had to be canceled due to low number of participants in 2014, it was decided that a Youth Soccer Camp in Dettenhausen is also held in 2014. This second Youth Soccer Camp is conducted in the summer of 2014 and sponsored by Danquinsa GmbH.

To the decision to hold the second Youth Soccer Camp, especially the many parents have contributed, who were very enthusiastic and have great reports from their guys from the first Youth Soccer Camp in 2013.

Youth Soccer Camp 2013

Because of the bad weather the planned first Youth Soccer Camp had to be postponed from 29.06.2013. On 07.09.2013 the soccer camp could then be carried out in good weather and with the young cohorts of high participation.

The highlight of this soccer camps was the painting competition between the individual matches and training courses. When painting competition the new mascot "Gottlob" was born.

24 Hours-Run Event 2012

A special highlight was the 24-hour run in Dettenhausen.

From 21.07 to 22.07.2012 a team of the Danquinsa GmbH took also an active part in the 24-hour run. According to the motto: „Die Alten pfeifen aus dem letzten Loch, doch für die Jugend laufen sie noch“ (engl.: The olds are on their last legs, but for the youth they are still running“) many km were run. The Danquinsa GmbH paid for every km which has been run, a determined sum. A remarkable performance and therefore a high Euro sum was achieved. The run Euro-sum is going to be used for the youth soccer camp 2013 in the year 2013 in Dettenhausen.

2011 - Equipment Sponsoring

Danquinsa GmbH sponsors different youth teams of the VfL Dettenhausen. The voluntary work is important! The trainers of the youth teams in Dettenhausen work many hours as volunteers, which has to be honoured!

The Danquinsa GmbH provided all youth trainers with special youth trainer-winter-anoraks in the year 2011.

2010 - 90 Years VfL Dettenhausen - 20 Years Sponsoring

At Pentecost 2010 we made an excursion to Hungary by bus. It was visited the partner community Tab in Hungary. The soccer players and soccer fans from Tab have received us for friendly soccer matches.

On occasion of this travelling we could celebrate divers anniversaries:

  • 90 Years Soccer Soccer Club VFL Dettenhausen
  • Anniversary of the soccer team „Konrads Buben“
  • 20 Years sponsoring by DANQUINSA for the soccer club VFL Dettenhausen
2007 / 2008

It’s not all about soccer. We even make a lot of celebrations after successful matches or on other ceremonial occasions.

2005 - DANQUINSA-Trikots

In 2005 the first team of the soccer club VFL Dettenhausen was provided with new DANQUINSA tricots. On occasion of this new sponsoring it was clinked glasses with the earlier responsible leader of the Active Soccer Players: Mr. Rainer Nothwang.

Youth Soccer Teams

Since many years DANQUINSA GmbH has been actively engaged in the sponsoring for the youth soccer. At the soccer club VFL-Dettenhausen youth teams were already it were sponsered and supported, from the bambini group until the A-Youth. In the last years it divers champions titles were achieved by the different youth teams. Specially big acknowledgement deserve the youth trainers, who spend several times per week their free time to coach the youth and to organize the matches at the weekend.

After success and above all after the final matches of the season it is also made a celebration together with the youth trainers where at which the performed efforts are celebrated above all. We think that our sponsoring is well-invested in the youth says the managing director of DANQUINSA GmbH: Mr. Peter Daniel.