Textile Coating- and Lamination

Our raw materials of this area you will meet in your daily life. With the polyurethane dispersions (DANCOLL) high quality lamination of many different textile materials with plastic and metal foils, fleece etc. will be made. The complex bonded materials can be used to produce technical textiles, high quality automotive interior laminates, heat- and accustic insulation foils / -sheets and many more.

With aromatic and aliphatic hydroxyl group containing polyurethane coating solution will be in direct- or transfer coating processing shoe upper materials, clothings, fancies, automotive interior textiles and many other technical textiles produced.

For a good adhesion of the textile carriers, (woven) fabrics and webs we deliver special adhesive primers and adhesive agents (DANCOLL).

For modern and ecological conservation textile coating we have a complete range of mostly linear polyurethane for calander-, extrusion- and meltcoating application.

Powder based on thermoplastic Polyurethane (DANTHANE-POWDER), Co polyesters and Co polyamides (DANMELTTHANE PES/ PA-Grades) shall be used as scatter sinter coating of textile-, non wovens, shoe linings and leathers.

With the largest range of thermoplastic coating and adhesive powders a various, high-performance coating articles manufacture.

This powders with universal application leading in coating for:

  • sintering
  • pastedot
  • powderdot
  • doubledot
  • flat bed lamination
  • laminating calander

Nowadays the DANTHANE compounds in granule form are applied environmentally friendly by melt application as adhesive equipment and lamination adhesives as well as for the decorative coating. We developed a range through intensive collaboration with the melt equipment manufacturers, which is very suitable for coatings, impregnations and functional decorations by means of melt process due to the special rheology adjustments.