Polyurethanes are materials for a vast field of applications. Polyurethane chemistry enables a continuous discovery of new application fields and the development of new products.

Today, our thermoplastic polyurethane granulates are very important basic raw material for the production of adhesives, paints and coatings, textile and leather coatings as well as for a variety of injection moulding and extrusion articles made of thermoplastic polyurethanes.

Thermoplastic polyurethanes are used for the extrusion of polyurethane films, cables and cable sheathings, tubes and pipes and many other kinds of materials.

In the field of injection moulding, these thermoplastic polyurethanes serve for the production of shoe soles, sealing elements and above all for plastic materials made of polyurethanes.

In addition to the thermoplastic polyurethanes, we supply the following: Aqueous and environmental-friendly polyurethane dispersions as well as polyurethane pre polymers, be it solvent-based, with high solid and solvent-free as well as polyurethanes in powder form.