Polycaprolactone polyurethanes

Polycaprolactone Polyurethanes are important raw materials for the production of adhesives, adhesive equipments and coating products. One of the most important applications of this product group is the adhesive equipment of textiles which will be heat sealable later on. Both polycaprolactone granulates as well as micropearl granulates can be used for thermoplastic coating. A large number of these polycaprolactone polyurethanes is ground for powder processed by powderdot and powder-scattering.

Our polycaprolactone polyurethanes are used in the field of textile coating, textile adhesive equipment, for the production of shoe cap materials (toe puffs), shoe stiffeners, shoe linings for various thermoplastic adhesive films and also as textile- and web binders.

The polycaprolactone polyurethanes are also raw materials used as crystallisation accelerators and viscosity regulators in reactive hot-melt adhesives.

Extruded sheet materials manufactured with polycaprolactone polyurethanes are innovative materials in orthopedic technology.