Raw materials for solvent-based inks and adhesive systems

Future for solvent-based inks and adhesive systems?

In order to make your established formulations future-proof, we provide advice and introduce high-quality raw materials. We can also support with the production of adhesion agents and primers or the customer-specific filling in small containers.

The use of TPUs, Co-PES or Co-PA in solvent systems for technically challenging applications is and remains in many cases without alternatives with regard to the achievable end properties and process stability.

With a constantly growing raw material portfolio - also in the field of solvent systems - we present new raw materials with optimized resistance, lightfastness and adhesion to difficult substrates (eg PET, PO, metal).

An uncompromising substitution of solvent-basedsystems is in many cases desired, but not possible. As experts in the areas of adhesive bonding and coating, we also provide information on solvent-free options and give you insights into the respective pro´s and con´s.

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