Where we are active

We deliver our own products worldwide.

In the overview­table, these markets are marked with a D.

The product groups polyurethane (TPU elastomers) and polycaprolactone polyurethane of the supplier plant LUBRIZOL Advanced Materials Manufacturing Spain SL, we sell mainly in Central and Eastern Europe.

In the overview table, these markets are marked with an M.

We deliver the raw materials from producer MORCHEM, Barcelona throughout Europe with the exception of Spain.

The DANPOL polyester raw materials and polyurethane systems are supplied especially in Central­europa. From our distribution warehouse we deliver these special polyester raw materials especially in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Benelux.

The resin dispersions and siloxane emulsions of PC Concentrol S.A., Girona/Spain, we deliver in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.