Textile- and Leather Coating

For this industrial sector, we supply the basic raw materials for the manufacture of solvent-based coating systems, aqueous dispersions for the production of leather finish chemicals and coatings.

As well as high-quality thermoplastic polyurethanes we deliver the DANTHANE and PEARLCOAT-Product Range for calandering on textiles, preferred applications are driving belts, conveyor belts, blankets and foils. The polyester, co-polyether and polyether based TPUs are applied for film lamination by extrusion on textiles and fleece materials. For the application fields of sinter powder coating and powder scatterer coating we offer an wide range of TPU, PA and PES powder.

We have the DANCOLL products as bonding agents and impregnation on textiles before they will be coated with TPU or PVC materials.

We recommend the aromatic and aliphatic PUR textile coating solutions (DANCOLL PUR) as laminations ground coat, top coatings and for coagulations. This kind of materials is used for shoe upper materials, clothing and upholstery textils, fancy-, automotive interior- and some technical textil applications.