Slush Moulding Processing

By slushmoulding processing high quality TPU-decor-hides for the automotive industry will be produced. Such TPU-slush hides will be applied by the production of dashboards, knee-pad´s, door facings etc.

We manufacture application ready slush compounds and slush compound powder. These are already available in all desired colours. We offer such slush compounds which are on an aromatic base, internal UV-stabilized, this is relevant mainly for all dark colours, and they fulfil the requirements of the automotive industry. We recommend aliphatic, thermoplastic TPUs for 100% UV-stable and in the sun simulation test fully resistant slush hides.

With the DANTHANE-TPU-powder range we provide application ready slush moulding powders for the slush moulding process. Aromatic based powders are used for dark dyeings. For light dyeings very high quality DANTHANE-powder-formulations with high UV-resistance are used. Transparent powder topcoat-surface coatings are also deliverable.