The calender process is also called rolling technique and is acting for the production of thermoplastic films and coatings. It must be differentiated between melt calander processing and film production (semi-finished films) and coating calender procedure, which is used for the coating of fabrics as for example for conveyor belts.

Depending on the diposition of the rollers and the feeding zone it must be differentiate between I-, L-, F- and Z-Calander.

Calanders are even used for the imprinting, bonding, sealing and satin-coating of textiles, non-woven fabrics and paper. The offered thermoplastics as for example PEARLCOAT (TPUs) and DANTHANE (TPU Special compounds) are processed mainly by the melt calander process.

DANQUINSA GmbH supplies granules, which will be pre-plasticised in the extruder and which are calendered after that to films resp. on support materials as textile, non-woven fabrics by means of the melt.

As system supplier we deliver beside thermoplastic lamination granules but also all necessary finishing chemicals.

With our DANCOLL products we deliver the corresponding impregnations and primers. For colouring the laminations we offer a wide range of TPU colour masterbatches (PEARLTHANE MB and DANCOLOR MB).

A main part of the offered lamination granules and impregnations are also certified for the use in the food sector.

Important applications for our thermoplastic polyurethanes, special compounds as well as impregnations and primers are the production of:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Technical textile laminations for flexible tanks, wine and fruit press materials
  • Flat belts and belt material
  • Food and medical operation textiles
  • Marine and boat textiles
  • Synthetic leather laminations for shoes, clothes and gallantry products

Our DANTHANE special compounds are used for antistatic respectively electroconductive laminations. They are equipped antimocrobial or they include special additives which keep off contaminations for a long time respectively which show a high surface slip.

As system supplier for calender laminations we will also find an optimal product solution for your special specifications.