Adhesive- and Adhesive Coating

Our raw materials and auxiliaries are suitable for the manufacturing of high-grade industry adhesives up to repair- and "DIY adhesives".

We deliver binders and basic raw materials for solvent based, solvent-free and high-solid systems. You will find a wide range of aqueous polyurethane dispersions for one- or two-component aqueous automobile, furniture, shoe, textiles and laminating adhesives.

Environment-friendly thermoplastic hot melt adhesives and raw materials for the producing of reactive polyurethane hot melts you can find in other product groups. Special TPU's are used for the processing of adhesive films, nets, webs and filaments for ideale dry laminitation of textiles, non-woven, felts, foam and technical roll goods. TPU granules and powders are used for high-grade adhesive and melt coatings, thermobond processing, adhesive pastedot, powderdot, doubledot, scattering and so on.

We deliver a wide assortment of adhesive primers, bonding agents, isocyanate crosslinking agents, co-polyesters based special lamination adhesives and thermoplastic polyester and polyamids in form of granules (pellets), powders and rods.

The DANTHANE, DANPOL and DANMELTTHANE adhesive raw materials are suitable for a wide variety of adhesive bonded joints. We have not found the raw material for an "all-purpose adhesive" yet. That's why it takes a myriad of high-quality adhesive raw materials to produce the individual specialty adhesives so. The diversity of our modern adhesive raw materials is the source for innovative new adhesive developments!