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The design and content has been updated completely. Please visit www.danquinsa.com and use our new functions to find the right solutions for your applications.

Expansion of the management board

DANQUINSA GmbH has expanded its management board on 2022/02/01.

From this point on Dr. Alexander Daniel takes over the technical management.

His main area of work is:

  • Technical management for the product divisions of TPU, TPU compounds, TPU masterbatches and additive batches
  • TPU and polymer adduct raw materials for the adhesive industry
  • Research and development in the area of own brands, especially adhesion bonding agent compounds and cross linkers
  • Copolyesters and copolyamides
  • His area also includes quality management, REACH, product safety, IMDS and the area of emission analytics (FOG / VOC)

Dr. Alexander Daniel has been working for a long time in the field of development and application technology in the polyurethane chemistry. In recent years he has been able to gain experience at well-known suppliers especially in the automotive industry.

The commercial management continues to be led by the founder of the company Mr. Peter Daniel.


Welcome to DANQUINSA office

In June and July 2014 the foyer and the driveway as well as the customer parking lots of the Danquinsa GmbH were redesigned and rebuilt.
Besides the customer parking lots in the foyer, further parking lots are available in the underground garage.

25 years Danquinsa

The Danquinsa GmbH celebrates its 25th. anniversary this year and location in Dettenhausen. This anniversary is celebrated with customers and employees. The fair FAKUMA 2014 is also under the sign of the 25-year history.

2014 is the year in which the DMF-free textile primers of the DANCOLL range will be introduced in the market after a long development work.


In the meantime many Danquinsa products are delivered to Asia, especially to China and India. Concerning development DANQUINSA GmbH increased mainly the investment in the area of new technologies. Mainly the more functional polyurethane, polycaprolactone, polyamide and polyester systems form a development focus.


Consulting and engineering services

With an increasing system business in the areas of adhesive and coating as well as in the processing of elastomers, we note an increased demand for consulting and engineering services. The Danquinsa GmbH expands the performance in this area significantly. We are available to all customers throughout the entire development process of a new application and formulation. Furthermore our services support also the tool and mold construction as well as the production planning.


The product range of DANTHANE compounds in granule and powder form will be expanded. For the first time DANTHANE powders are used with very fine grit size also for the procedure "laser sintering".

2013 - Phd program

Alexander Daniel finished successfully his master degree at the University of Bayreuth. In January 2013 he started with his dissertation in the area of adhesives and lacquers.

The "new" polycaprolactone chemistry

In the meantime the polycaprolactone polyurethane chemistry is divided in the old respectively new technology. In the old technology, we have further modified products and offered them with the new environmental standards. With the new polycaprolactone chemistry we build new “application bridges”. The products DANBOND, DANTHANE and DANCOATE form the new and modern product group. It concerns tailor-made systems for:

Forming, Sealing, Socketing, Coating, Printing, Impregnation, Adhesive bonding


Aliphatic TPU Colour Masterbatches

We have provided a complete range of aliphatic colour masterbatches with TPU-matrix since the end of 2012. These TPU-colour masterbatches allow the dyeing, also in light colours, of aliphatic TPU’s and result in 100% UV-resistance and yellowish resistance.

Regional expansion of sales area

DANQUINSA GmbH enforces and expands the sale in East Europe. Particularly in the states Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. An extreme cold winter, in February with partly temperatures until -25°C, leads to bottlenecks at thermo transports at the frost sensitive products, especially at the polymers.


19th december 2011

The Spanish TPU producer Merquinsa is taken over by Lubrizol Corporation. Merquinsa trades now under the name Lubrizol Advanced Material Manufacturing Spain, S-L.

Fakuma 2011

The DANQUINSA GmbH is represented with a new fair design at the FAKUMA 2011 in Friedrichshafen, which is the most important fair in this year. For the first time a so-called “fair raised stand” is used at this fair.

Impregnations of textiles

The DANQUINSA GmbH expands its range of aqueous polyurethane dispersions, which are used for impregnations of textiles for the leather coating with PVC and TPU materials.


Polyurethane adduct systems

The finance and economic crisis, which started in the last quarter 2008 and which last the whole year 2009 resulted also in turnover losses at our customers. However the orders have increased again since the first quarter 2010 and it seems that the crisis is over. The demand in new, innovative products, which were only developed in the last 5 years, is very high. First polyurethane adduct systems of the DANCOLL range are provided tin catalyst free, because of environmental reasons and the current law. The new chemistry regulation REACH keeps us busy daily. However the first huge phase of the processing is completed. Now the REACH regulation keeps us busy in the area Use and Exposure Category (cf. Annex VI no. of the REACH regulation). From February 2010 until the end of July 2010 Mr. Alexander Daniel did his university internship at the supplier Merquinsa, Barcelona/Spain. He finishes his Bachelor degree with this internship.

System supply of the automotive industry

The K2010 is the biggest fair for the area thermoplastic synthetics, which takes place in Düsseldorf this year again.

An important pillar of the Danquinsa GmbH turnover is meanwhile the system supply of the automotive industry, especially for the area of interieurs. The Danquinsa GmbH elastomer materials as well as colour and additive batches help to produce high quality interieurs with a pleasant touch, functional properties and high level of safety. The high requirements of the automotive industry with the quality standards, especially regarding UV-resistance and emission behaviour in the interieur applications had been realized.


Stay connected

The 24 hour service in the distribution area is introduced for all customers in Germany. The business with the DANCOLOR colour masterbatches and DANADD additive batches is expanded. In order to increase the customer satisfaction, further small packagings and special fillings are provided for the DANADD additive batches.

After the expansion of office jobs in the Störrenstr. 30 also a modern meeting room will be inaugurated. For the first time telephone and video conferences with our customers and partners are possible with modern technology.

2000 - 2008

New Logistics Centre

On 2008/06/10 the new logistics centre of the DANQUINSA GmbH is inaugurated in Gelnhausen. Now modern high bay warehouses on an area of 2.700 m² exist in the new logistics centre of the logistics partners. Totally approx. 5.500 pallets can be stored here. Up to 30 trucks can be unloaded and loaded per day.


DANQUINSA GmbH starts as distributor and exclusive agent for the company PC Productos Concentrol S.A., RIUDELLOTS DE LA SELVA (Girona), Spain. Danquinsa GmbH is also a system supplier in the area aqueous adhesives and aqueous coatings with the EMULTROL resin emulsions and EMULTROL tackifier systems as well as with the DANCOLL polyurethane dispersion range, which has become extensive in the meantime. An entirely range of basic binders and auxiliaries is provided in this area. DANQUINSA delivers also release agents and auxiliaries for the polyurethane foam industry via the range of products by PC Productos Concentrol. DANQUINSA GmbH provides the first polyamides based on “green” renewable raw materials.


Hotmelt adhesives and thermoplastic coatings are growing at an above-average rate. Especially the crystallization accelerators based on polycaprolactone-polyester are included now in many formulations of reactive hotmelts for applications in the furniture industry, profile wrapping industry and in the textile lamination industry. This year Danquinsa is going to expand its business with aliphatic polycaprolactone and polyurethane bonding agents for different applications.


The production and the range of the DANCOLL polyurethane adducts and the DANCURE isocyanate crosslinkers are expanded. The first isocyanate crosslinker is provided with DANCURE 999 on the market!


DANQUINSA starts the cooperation with the partner Morchem, Barcelona/Spain.


The area of the bonding agents, primer for textiles and thermoplastic foils is expanded. The steady coating of technical textiles with aqueous primer systems is introduced.

1990 - 1999


The first homepage of the DANQUINSA GmbH started with the domain www.danquinsa.com


DANQUINSA expands the area of the aqueous polyurethane dispersions for textile and leather coatings.


The DANQUINSA GmbH moves into its new administration and laboratory building in Störrenstr. 30 in 72135 Dettenhausen.


DANQUINSA GmbH supplies the international adhesive- and coating industry also with aqueous polyurethane dispersions.


The reactive hotmelts, which were developed years ago have become important. The reactive hotmelts and the raw materials, which DANQUINSA provide for these, are used more frequent for furniture adhesives, sheathing adhesives and automotive adhesives.


Until now the polyurethane adhesives were especially used for the production of shoe adhesives. Then the market changed considerably in West Europe. The most important fields of application in Germany are now the production of automotive interieur adhesives and technical adhesives.


DANQUINSA GmbH expands the area of the thermoplastic polyester and polyamide granules. The foundations of the DANMELTTHANE PA- and PES- adhesives were laid at that time for the today’s extensive product range.


May 1989

The company DANQUINSA GmbH becomes exclusive sales agent of the international PUR-adhesive raw material and TPU producer Merquinsa, Barcelona/Spanien.

12th may 1989

The DANQUINSA chemistry and labour devices sales and service GmbH in Dettenhausen is entered into the commercial. District court Tübingen, HRB 1119.

21st april 1989

Seal of the DANQUINSA GmbH, Articles of Association, dated 21/04/1989.

March 1989

The DANQUINSA Products- and Service GmbH is registered at the trade office.

1980 -1989

Peter Daniel - Founder

The founder of the company DANQUINSA GmbH, Mr. Peter Daniel works at international adhesive manufacturers in the area research and development as well as in the application technique and later also in the top-management. Mr. Peter Daniel is Manager at an international group in the area polyurethanes.

Peter Daniel holds patents in the area of adhesives, specialty adhesive agent and thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs).