Polyurethane hotmelt adhesives (reactive hotmelt)

  • Medium to high viscosity characterizes this reactive hotmelt, which allows processing at low application temperatures.
  • Specially designed for textile laminations where the reactive hotmelt adhesive film should not penetrate so much during hot application into the fabric and stay on top.
  • Specially developed to maintain high curing levels.
  • Suitable for standard laminations, fabrics and nonwovens, foams, polyester and PU films and membranes as well as PVC.
  • Designed for high processing and laminating speeds.
  • Optimum wash resistance at high temperatures.
  • Optimum resistance to dry cleaning

Product name


Data sheet

Safety data sheet


Lamination of textile, plastic films, wood




Melt tank

Chemical structure

reactive PUR hotmelt

Solid content

100 %

Other properties

open time: medium

Form of delivery

ready to use


Opaque, slightly yellowish

Processing conditions

100 - 110 °C

Melt viscosity

6.750 mPa.s (120°C) / 22.500 mPa.s (100 °C)